Ashley is the youngest of the Aker Siblings, being the youngest she's constally being looked out by her brothers no matter the differences between them, her brothers constally treat her as a child.

Biographical Information

The Loving sister:

Ashley Akerson




10th century


Immortal(20 Physical)










1'72 (5'7Feet)


Father: Reginald

Mother: Luna

Brother: Damon

Brother: Darwin

Brother: Nicholas

Brother: Veradis

Hair color:

Medium, light brown w/brown highlights

Eye color:


Political and Military Information


Original Vampire




Scythe Wielder, Parkour


Holly tree artifacts, Holy items,Holy Water



Ashley wears a black bow on her head and her hair is well taken care of.

On her body she wears a black shirt and on top of it a pink a jacket along with light blue jeans and black shoes.

Occasionally She will wear a white dress trimmed pink with a matching jacket.


Ashley's a playful cute girl, she likes to play around with her brothers and even her opponents, she enjoys fighting and making fun of weaker opponents, she will rarely act serious and if you're unlike enough to catch her in a bad mood it's better to run and not look back.

She loves her family above anything, to the point where she would kill her friends if she had to just to protect her brothers, she hates her father with a burning pation, and it's the only man she actually hates due to that he treated Veradis, one of her older brothers, and herself as worthless trash.

Though she does not care for a relationship she has shown to love a couple of man throughout her Vampire enternity, though most of her lovers have been driven away by her family making her forget about such feelings

Weapons & Unique AbiltiesEdit

Ashley wields a white scythe that only responds to her, if anyone else is to try and use it besides anyone who she allowes the scythe will instally shock or set the wielder on fire, the blade itself is blessed to damage even the thickest of armor, including that of a dragon.

She's cappble of swining the scythe fast enough to block  burst fire from a machine gun.

  • Daylight inmunity: Being one of the 6 original Vampires he has an unique inmunity to sun light along with his siblings and his father.
  • Relic and water protection: Due to the strength of being an original normal relics such as an unblessed rosary or purefied water will not harm him, for the artifacts to do any harm they have to be blessed by the pope himself , who is an exoscist, or someone with a high "holy" rank.
  • Enhanced physical abilties: despite all Vampires having enhanced physical abilties all Original Vampires have almost the double of this enhancement.


  • Ashley is the only female Original Vampire
  • Ashley is the youngest of the Original vampires
  • Due to her young physical age she is the weakest of the Original Vampire, despite this she's still stronger than the arverage Vampire
  • Along with her brother Darwin, they're the only 2 Akerson siblings who would go back to being normal humans if they were to be stripped of their powers.