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Fan Fiction:
Author Blair
Genre Series,

Alternative Universe

Description: Will add later


Scene 1: Calla Flower

The begining.

Calla Lishu Windsor

Main Female Protagonist.

(Color is Cream)

Scene 2: Blackbird

The begining.

Raven Barclay

Main Male Protagonist.

(Color is Rhythm)

Scene 3: Forgotten Rabbit

The begining.

Bialy Lishu Windsor


(Color is Beige)

Scene 4: Shy Deer

The begining.

Patala Hanako

(Color is Pink)

Scene 5: Despaired Rabbit

The begining.


Main Child Protagonist

(Color is Maya Blue)

The orphanage.

Scene 6: The Thug

The begining. "Bluebell" Mousy

(Color is Blue)

Minor Character

The attack.

Mousy had been attacked.. (More later)

The aftermath.

Scene 7: The Assassin

The begining.


Minor Character

(Color is Licorice)

Scene 8: Clumsy Ninja

The begining.


Minor Character

(Color is Han Blue)

Scene 9: Spoiled Deer

The begining.

Shika Ahana

Minor Child Character

(Color is Seashell)

Scene 10: Black Angel

The begining.

Melany Raziel

Minor Character

(Color is Maroon)

Scene 11: Possesive Fox

The begining.

Auberon Raziel

Main  Antagonist

(Color is Auburn, didn't see that color coming :P)

Scene 12: Cowardly Lion

The begining.

Derry Arielle


(Color is Deep Chestnut)

Scene 13: Stern Reindeer

The begining

Rimu Monroe


(Color is Red)

Scene 14: Bear Cub

The begining

Bruno Edun


(Color is Brown)

Succubus & Incubus Melany Raziel Name here
AU Lockwood Name Here
Other Name Here
Side Characters Place Holder • Place Holder • Place Holder • Place Holder

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