Biographical Information

The Unforgiven:

Nicholas Akerson




10th century


Immortal(29 Physical)












Father: Reginald

Mother: Luna

Brother: Darwin

Brother: Damon

Brother: Veradis

Sister: Ashley

Hair color:

Medium, Black

Eye color:

Dark Blue

Political and Military Information


Original Vampire


Katana/Katana sheath




Holly tree artifacts, Holy items,Holy Water


Nicholas, the second son born to Luna, he once loved his family until he realized the monsters his family had become, in sight of the monsters he once called family he swore upon Reginald's name that he would release his family of the Vampire curse.



Nichola's used to love his family to the point he would sacrafice himself, but it all changed after a few centuries of being a Vampire, he had done awful things and so had his family, he couldn't forgive himself for things he had done, slowly he grew hatred of being a Vampire, it disgust him being one, he hated himself and his family for becoming monsters.

He drew the line when he first killed a child to feed, he went mad and decided to cleanse the world of the curse of Vampires and to do this he would kill his whole family and afterwards himself.

Weapons & Unique AbilitiesEdit

Nicholas used tot be a honorble warrior and as gifted a blessed Katana sharp enough to cut through the strongest of metal, along side the special sheath created out of titanium strong enough to block attacks from a dragon.

  • Override: Nicholas can channel his Gnosis through his Katana to strike a more powerful blow
  • Daylight immunity: Being one of the 6 original Vampires he has an unique immunity to sun light along with his siblings and his father.
  • Relic and water protection: Due to the strength of being an original normal relics such as an unblessed rosary or purified water will not harm him, for the artifacts to do any harm they have to be blessed by the pope himself , who is an exorcist, or someone with a high "holy" rank.
  • Enhanced physical abilities: despite all Vampires having enhanced physical abilities all Original Vampires have almost the double of this enhancement.


  • He admires Damon for being able to control his lust, but even then he still considers him as a monster that must be annihilated to free the world of Vampires.
  • His the only Original Vampire who would kill his own family without thinking twice if given the chance.
  • His the only Original Vampire without Vampire descendants.
  • He has stated that half of her mother's power lies within him, the other half within his brother Damon, and that if they were to become Warlocks again they'd have enough power to set a whole country in fire with the snap of their fingers.

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