Incubus are the half demon-half male counter part of the Succubus, they're essentaly the same apart from a few aspects

Like Succubus they live off the life force humans give them throughout love.


In their human form Incubus are arverage male humans, some Incubus will try and look as a woman's desired man

In their Kaiju form they're normally a male demon with 2 horns on his head along the red colors, with long wings for flight and long razor-sharp nails.


Incubus are male, for a man to become an Incubus there are different ways:

  1. At least one of the parents being a Succubus or Incubus, which will eventually lead to their child becoming one.
  2. Being part of a love ritual that turns humans into a Succubus or Incubus.


Unlike Succubus are much more cold characters, they won't care to force themselves upon their chosen as they will use their abilities to keep their chosens close by.


Inucbus have little abiltiies that are used for fighting, most of their abiltiies are to get those they pick to love them, the same love that they get from their victim is the same love that gives them power as their Gnosis will eventually dry out if they do not get those they choose to love them.

  • Charm: A Succubus can temporarily charm the opposite sex throughout contact, this serves as a way they charmed victim acts only to the Succubus, they use this to mark their prey when other Succubus, monsters or even humans are around and draw them away from the rest.
  • Slavery: Upon kissing a Succubus the victim will become their slave until the Succubus drawgs out all the energy out of them or until themselves are turned into a Succubus or Incubus.
  • Flight: Their wings only purpose are for flight, the wings
  • Illusionist: Higher experienced Succubus have the ability to make illusions to the point where they are near to reality and could kill the person the illusion is being used on.
  • Enhanced strength and speed : The only physical attributes that are improved upon becoming a succubus is strength itself and speed past the speed of sound, the more experienced the Succubus the faster she'll be.


Incubus don't really have a weakness besides keeping them away from their partner, if an Incubus is stripped of hhis partner they get their powers from they will slowly loose their power, and if they're forced to fight in this state they'll quickly loose their power and eventually die.

If said partner is realeased from an Incubus's power  throughout things such a magic and comes to hate the Incubus this will cause  for the energy they stole from the human to become useless and it'd be the same as if they had none for however long they had consumed their energy.