The Death claw were the very first Werewolf clan in existence, they were hostile and cruel, they only cared for the survival of their kind, they'd constantly attack near villages, little did they know that everything was slowly catching up to them, Reginald, One of the Original Vampires was assigned to wipe them out to free their Village of  them out, he had accomplished his goal, but little did he know that the day he attacked some members were out hunting and so they survived the attack.

His son Veradis along with unknown members of the clan, lived on and spread out across the land making new clans allowing the Werewolves to be in this present time.


Like every other Werewolf the Death Claw are normal looking humans in that state, but when they transform they turn into a wolf with dirty-blonde fur.


Pure blood Death Claws are hostile, they have anger issues and don't like to be messed around with, their short temper leads them to be in some sort of trouble most of their lives.

Unique AbilitiesEdit

  • Blood moon: Unlike normal Werewolves for Death Claws to harvest their full power they need of a red moon.
    • Red moons only occur upon full Moon Eclipse
  • BloodFeast:The more they feed or devour, the stronger they become; but their bloodlust grows and they begin to lose rational thought at the price of supreme power.
  • Enhanced Physical abilities: The pure blood Death Claw are stronger and faster than an average Werewolf.
  • The Beast Within: The Werewolf enters a state of almost beastial adrenaline, any weapon save for a silver sword or bullet will not even pierce the creature's flesh.  Strength and speed increases dramatically, typically triggered by great emotional duress.


  • It is unknown how many Pure Death Claws are alive.
  • Veradis is the only registered Death Claw member to be alive.
  • In fear the pure blood Death Claw hide as they believe Reginald's child followed his footsteps.