Ghouls are a humans that failed to become a vampire, even though they are essentally the same as a Vampire they do have a couple of differences.


Unlike Vampires who only change their eye appearance when they enter combat state Ghouls change their appearence to a gray skin-red eye human.


When a human becomes a Ghoul it is caused either because their body can't handle the Vampire blood and it overcomes them or simply cause the human is weak minded and the blood controls them.

A Ghoul can be turned back into a human by experienced Excorcists however it may have some side effects such as.

  • Blood lust: They will keep wanting to drink human blood
  • Mindbreak: Humans keep the memories of whatever they had done, being Ghouls they did anything the master wanted, if they were forced to do something they did not want such a child murder the memory will haunt them for the rest of their lives.
  • Daylight weakness: in rare cases humans will keep this weakness and will not be able to step into the sunlight without the protection of an artifact or clothes that covers their body.


Ghouls have no self control, once they are turned into ghouls they serve as servants to the Vampire who failed to make them into one, unlike Vampires who seek their own food Ghouls will patiently wait until their master allows them to feed, they will also protect their master at any cost.

Abilities and WeaknessesEdit

Ghouls share the same abilities and weaknesses as a vampire with a few exceptions.

Additional Abiltiies:

  • Higher resistance: Due to having no self control if they are told to fight they will not stop until they are dead, they will fight normally until the point they are dead.
  • HIgher regenaration: Ghouls have a faster healing rate than a normal Vampire.

Additional Weaknesses

  • Genesis: if their master is killed the Ghoul will die aswell

Ghouls being failed Vampires loose several powers they would of had as a vampire such as the following Abiltiies.

  • Mind Control
  • Gnosis outburst
  • Blood transfusion