Werewolves come from times before the Vampire, but even since the creation of them they've had a rivalry one way or another, though some have managed to live in peace together and some even found love in one another the fights between Vampires and Werewolves are as old as time.


Werewolves are as free as a monster can get, they dress as they wish and care little for others opinion on their wardrobe as long as they enjoy the clothing they own.


No Werewolf is born a werewolf, for a Werewolf to turn into a Werewolf their animal instinct must be awakened which is normally caused by strong feelings such as love and hate, the second option is upon tasting human blood it will trigger their Werewolf blood.

For a human to become a Werewolf it's rather simple, after being bit one a human will have wolf genes running through them, they won't transform into one into their first full moon but in the team being they will pass through illness such as fever and flue.


Werewolves with low experience lack self control and most of the time are driven away by their animal instinct and are easily aggravated, once they learn to control their animal side they'll go back to being their normal selves as they do not need of human blood or human energy to survive.


Werewolves don't have many unique abilities, however this is backed up by their raw animal power, even the average werewolf can easily outclass a Vampire in speed and agility, they're natural hunters and rarely loose the trail of their preys, their unique abilities can only be used on the night of a full moon.

  • Hunter vision: Under the moonlight Werewolves are able to see the trail itself instead of having to smell it.
  • Moon's strength: The brighter the full moon is the faster, stronger and more agile the Werewolf is.
    • Upon full moon eclipse this effect is even stronger.


Werewolves have one and only one weakness, but even though it may be only one they're highly weak to it.

Silver weaponry will do the trick, no one knows what's inside the silver itself that makes Werewolves so weak to it, all they know is that they're weak enough to die from it if exposed to it too long.

Gnosis TransformationEdit

Werewolves have 3 transformation.

Human: Basic monster transformation to blend in with the rest.

Hybrid: A tall bipedal werewolf, Only experienced werewolves can achieve this form as in this form they still have their state of mind.

Kaiju: They may look like a normal wolf, but infarct it's just werewolves that were taken over by their animal instinct, without being able to control what they do unless they're experienced.